How can I contribute?

If you plan to analyse image-based data you can help the continuous development of SMarTaR-ID in 3 different ways:

  1. When you start to analyse your own imagery, use the SMarTaR-ID data template to organise your own species reference catalogue for your dataset.
    You can find an example dataset here. Once completed, please hand your dataset over to the SMarTaR-ID team for incorporation of new taxa or better quality images of taxa into the database.
  2. Are you going to sea with an ROV? If so then you can help build the quality of the imagery in SMarTaR-ID by the following actions:
    • Take an image / video of an animal in situ
    • Sample that exact animal
    • Photograph the animal ex-situ
    • Preserve the specimen (keep a small sample in ethanol for barcoding, the rest in formalin / ethanol / or frozen)
    • Ensure your archiving system is such that you can marry insitu, exsitu and physical specimens
    • Get in touch with us to help bring your imagery and samples into SMarTaR-ID
  3. Are you writing a grant that will include image analysis? Please consider costing on £1500 for use of SMarTaR-ID. This money will help us to pay for taxonomic support, website maintenance and database curation. Get in touch to help finance.